What is LAMBDA?

LAMBDA is an acronym for Library Anchor Models for Bridging Diversity Achievement.

HandsLibrary Anchor Models for Bridging Diversity Achievements (LAMBDA) brings together the University of Tennessee’s School of Information Sciences and the Center for Literacy, Education & Employment with the San Diego County Libraries and other public libraries in California and Tennessee to provide education, training, workshops, and materials to support public library staff members who serve LGBTQA+ homeless youth.  

Activities and materials will focus on educating library personnel about the needs of LGBTQA+ homeless youth who come to the public library to access the Internet, read, find employment, contact family, or socialize with others. Activities will help libraries build partnerships with community organizations that work with homeless populations.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded the grant of $189,416. Dr. Edwin Cortez, professor and former director of the School of Information Sciences at UT will lead the research team along with co-PI Dr. Suzie Allard.  Cortez

“We continue to give our students extraordinary learning experiences which also serve the greater good of the communities we serve,” said Cortez.  “This research speaks directly to the core of UT’s Vision for ideas that advance society through discovery, inquiry, innovation, research and scholarship.”