Advocacy Websites

Gender Spectrum
“Gender Spectrum is a nonprofit organization that provides education, training, and support to help create a gender-sensitive and inclusive environment for all children and teens.”

GSA Network (Gay-Straight Alliance)
“Empowering youth activists to fight homophobia and transphobia in schools.”

National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
“NAEHCY is the only professional organization specifically dedicated to meeting the educational needs of children and youth experiencing homelessness. We provide professional development, resources, and training support for anyone and everyone interested in supporting the academic success of children and youth challenged by homelessness. We also engage in federal policy advocacy to strengthen policies and resources for homeless children, youth, and families. We are a grassroots membership organization that continually strives to meet the dynamic needs of our members. Our membership includes local homeless education liaisons, educators, school counselors, social workers, registrars, nurses, child advocates, shelter staff, state and federal policy specialists, and partners from community-based and national non-profit organizations.”

National Campaign for Youth Shelter
Campaign to increase shelter beds for youth across the U.S. It’s a collaboration between Ali Forney Center and National Coalition for the Homeless.
Website includes basic youth homelessness statistics, as well as list of coalition members – extensive list that combines LGBTQ organizations and homelessness ones.

Transgender Law Center

Mission: “Transgender Law Center works to change law, policy, and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression.”

Vision: “We envision a future where gender self-determination and authentic expression are seen as basic rights and matters of common human dignity.”

True Colors Fund
Excellent source of resources for raising awareness about LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness